Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First things First

It's always appropriate and polite to start things off with introductions (and this blog will be nothing if not appropriate and polite. Well maybe just polite.)

I'm a long time Habs fan, since the days of Guy Lafleur, Steve Shutt and Ken Dryden. There was a period in the 80's and 90's where I didn't pay nearly as much attention to the Habs as the true die-hard I am now. I guess my hockey fix (obsession?) was being satisfied by weekly 3 hour sessions of road hockey. I was a rather mediocre defenseman, and not much better as a goalie. But it was fun!

As I grew older, my body could no longer take the pounding and I had to scratch that hockey itch in some form. Besides watching each and every game, regular and post-season, I frequent the many blogs that post the latest Habs news and opinions. Just in case you're interested (and you're probably not, but hey, you've made it this far), here are what I think are the best out there:

A Theory of Ice: thoughts and observations on the Habs and ice hockey in general by a recent convert to the Habs faith. It's a philosophical treatise in the making. This might just be the most intelligent blog I have ever read, on any subject. "E" balances out this intelligence with humor and class. And by humor, I mean laugh out loud humor. A must read, even if sometimes her philosophizing goes way above my head.

Habs Inside/Out: This is the best place for Habs news, started and staffed by the Montreal Gazette. Unlike some other Montreal newspapers, the Gazette generally doesn't feed on problems in Habland. They are, for the most part, real fans who want to see the Habs do well and generally support the team, it's players, coaches and management. Not to say they are blind sycophants either. I'd like to say they are "Fair and Balanced" but that might be taken the wrong way. I wish I could say the same for some of those who post comments there, but I think some people like drama and seek to create it wherever they go. Let's not do that here, eh?

Four Habs Fans: This site is more funny than informative, but I can't visit it that often. See, I spend way too much time surfing blogs and news while at work, and the oft-posted shots of strippers would push that bad habit a bit too far. But still, these guys are pretty funny.

Nos Canadiens: My french sucks, but from what little I can read of this blog, I like. I guess it's terrible that the only motivation I have to improve my french is to read blogs like this and watch RDS. Heck, understanding only half of what Yvon Pedneault and Pierre Houde have to say is better than the drivel that emanates from your standard CBC HNIC broadcasters.

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