Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The postseason

The Habs are in optimal position for the postseason. Leading the Northeast places them second in the conference, which today would lead to a first round matchup with the Boston Bruins. Of course much could change in the next month. The Habs could get overtaken by the Senators, dropping them (probably) to fifth, behind the three conference leaders and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Bruins also could get overtaken by a number of teams behind them, notably the Flyers, Panthers or Sabres. Or they could drop out of playoff contention altogether.

But here's hoping that the status quo stays. Here's their record versus the Bruins and other possible first round matchups, with average goals for and against

Teams Record GF GA
Bruins 6-0 5.3 2
Penguins 2-2 2.75 3
Flyers 4-0 3.75 1.5
Sabres 3-3 2.5 2.5
Panthers 2-2 2.5 2
Senators 1-5 1.83 3.83
Hurricanes 1-3 3 3.5
Devils 2-2 2.5 2
Rangers 1-3 3.25 4.5

Of course, these are all regular season stats. The playoffs are completely different, where defense and rugged play win games. Just ask the Anaheim Ducks. The Habs have been getting by on their offense, ranking 2nd in the league in scoring but 13th in goals against. The latter has to improve if they want to go far this postseason.

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